Back in March, Katie Holmes was photographed in New York with a huge Madewell shopping bag, and it may have been her most relatable look to date. Now that Black Friday is nearly here, we’re getting excited about recreating that very look as we checkout at Nordstrom, where so much Madewell is currently up to 55 percent off. More importantly, a tiny Madewell crossbody that Holmes has carried on many occasions is currently available for under $100 (!!!).

Madewell’s Small Transport Leather Crossbody is the kind of bag everyone dreams about. It’s small enough to carry anywhere but big enough to fit all of your belongings. And as the name would suggest, it’s also great when you’re traveling or commuting for that very reason. You can easily wear it on your arm like Holmes, or you can utilize the bag’s convertible strap to drape it over your shoulder. Because it’s tiny, it’s trendy. But because it’s also a practical crossbody bag, it’s timeless. And, once again: Katie Holmes has worn it more than a handful of times, so what else could you possibly want from a bag?

But maybe you’re confused about the tiny bag trend and the Small Transport Leather Crossbody doesn’t feel large enough for you. Thankfully, the Black Friday gods are on your side because it’s actually a sized-down version of a Madewell best-selling classic appropriately called ‘The Transport,’ which is also on sale right now. Actually, multiple versions of the Transport bag in all different sizes, colors, and styles — both crossbody and classic tote — are up to 50 percent off at Nordstrom right now.

Ever since Katie Holmes wore the cashmere bra and cardigan set, shopping has never been the same. Whenever she wears something, it inevitably sells out, no matter the cost. So finding out something she’s worn is still in stock is already surprising enough — and when it’s on sale, even more so. It should go without saying the Small Transport Leather Crossbody is bound to sell out fast, especially considering at the time of writing this, over 700 people were currently viewing it on Nordstrom’s website. And maybe one of those is Katie Holmes herself, debating whether she needs the crossbody in another color. Who is to say?

Shop Katie Holmes’s discounted Small Transport Leather Crossbody, as well as some bigger options, at Nordstrom’s Black Friday sale below.

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