It's important to get the best support for your video shooting with a stable, versatile and long-lasting video tripod. Video tripods come from all different manufacturers, at all different price points, and it's crucial that you get hold of one that works for you and your style of filmmaking.

Finding the best tripod for video you can afford is one of the fastest, most reliable ways to make a real lasting difference to your video work, and the good news is that there are absolutely loads on the market right now to choose from. (Luckily, there are lots of cheap camera deals around at the moment, and tripod prices have never been lower.)

It's absolutely possible to use many different kinds of tripods for video, however, the best 4K cameras demand the best support, and therefore we'd recommend taking one from the list we've put together in this article. We've tested hundreds of tripods, and these are the ones we feel will give you the best results, whether you're shooting on a small CSC or a larger camcorder. Each one of these offers something that videographers will appreciate, whether it's the design of its legs, the type of head with which it comes, or its flexibility and portability.

Right now we think the best video tripod available is the Manfrotto MVK502AQ Video Tripod with MVH502A Fluid Head, which offers a brilliant balance between strength and flexibility. Any filmmaker, whether they're using the best camcorders that cost thousands of pounds or an inexpensive setup with a light compact system camera, can make use of this exceptional support system. There are plenty more tripods that may fit the bill for you however, so read on to discover our picks of the best video tripods available right now...

Material: Aluminium | Extended height: 171cm | Folded height: 59.5cm | Weight: 1.8kg | Leg sections: 4 | Max load: 20kg

Whether you’re using heavier rigs involving professional camcorders or a lighter setup that utilises a DSLR or CSC, the combination of the Manfrotto MVK502AQ Video Tripod and the MVH502A Fluid Head is a superb choice. Offering a 20kg payload, the spreader-less design of the legs also means that the tripod is quick to set up and pack down, and the tension-adjustable leg locks mean users can make regular adjustments to stop them from loosening over time. The feet can be set to spiked or rubberised thanks to the adjustable covers, making the tripod usable on a broad range of surfaces. So, indoors or out, on flat surfaces or more challenging ones, this model fits the bill.

Material: Carbon fiber | Extended height: 175.1cm | Folded height: 37.1cm | Weight: 4.9kg | Leg sections: 2 | Maximum load: 10kg

Thanks to its carbon fiber build, the Miller 1514 DS20 Tripod System is an ultra-light option that can support rigs of up to 10kg. Because of this, it's a viable option for filmmakers at various points throughout their careers, regardless of what kit they move on to. The light build of the tripod also makes it a good choice for smaller roving crews who need to lug their own gear around and set up spontaneously. The system features a choice of 1/4in pin or 1/4in and 3/8in screw mounts, with sliding quick-release mounts for quick lens and battery changes. There is a trade-off in setup versatility, with only two leg-sections, but overall this is one of the best video tripods you can buy right now.

Material: Aluminium | Extended height: 162.5cm | Folded height: 57cm | Weight: 3.47kg | Leg sections: 3 | Maximum load: 6kg

Generally available for less than £199, this tripod/head combo is ideal for low-budget film crews, with its 6kg load capacity ideal for the DSLR or mirrorless setups these crews will likely be using. Thanks to its quick-release platform and built-in spirit level, the tripod is quick to set up, making it excellent for run-and-gun situations. Well-armoured rubber feet ensure it’ll grip onto plenty of surfaces, and the long control arm on the head, with separate pan-and-tilt adjustments, give it the feel of a studio model, without the cost. 

Material: Aluminium | Extended height: 138cm | Folded height: 73.4cm | Weight: 4.92kg | Leg sections: 3 | Maximum load: 6kg

The standout feature of this tripod is obvious: its triple-braced legs, which are designed to provide significantly increased stability even in tricky situations on uneven surfaces, with extra grip via the rubberised feet. The head is designed for smooth panning, with dual control handles, friction-damping features and a built-in spirit level. Overall, a pro-level spec at a competitive price to boot.

Material: Aluminium | Extended height: 173.3cm | Folded height: 72.2cm | Weight: 3.3kg | Leg sections: 3 | Maximum load: 5kg

The last word in smooth camera movement, this complete support setup from Manfrotto combines a sturdy aluminium tripod with the fluid 500 Video head, which boasts 2.4kg of counterbalance and fluid cartridges in its tilt and pan axes. The result is a head that moves like a dream, with intuitive controls at your fingertips and a responsive panning action. The tripod also uses Manfrotto’s Quick Power Locks, which can be swiftly opened with a single hand movement for swift deployment. Lightweight enough for the run-and-gun filmmaker, this is a fantastic system for all sorts of video applications.

Material: Aluminium | Extended height: 171cm | Folded height: 67cm | Weight: 1.98kg | Leg sections: 3 | Maximum load: 4kg

Perfect for lightweight mirrorless bodies or smaller DSLRs, the Velbon Videomate 638 Video Tripod with PH-368 Head is one of the most keenly priced models here. The quick lever leg locks allow for fast setup, while the quick-release plate means it’s easy to switch to handheld shooting at a second’s notice. The PH-368 fluid head also allows for smooth camera movement, and the 1.98kg weight makes the Videomate 638 perfectly portable. The 4kg payload is slightly on the low side, but for most camera and lens combinations it should be more than enough.

Material: Carbon fiber | Extended height: 142cm | Folded height: 34cm | Weight: 1.1kg | Leg sections: 4 | Maximum load: 4kg

If you're part of a film crew that needs to travel fairly light, Manfrotto's Befree range of travel tripods is definitely worth looking at. This carbon fiber model is not only incredibly lightweight at 1.1kg, it also packs down well to just 34cm, making it easy to store and transport when not in use. That 4kg payload isn't going to support anything larger than a DSLR or CSC rig, but providing you aren't planning on using enormous camcorders, this tripod will more than meet your needs.

Material: Aluminium | Extended height: 195.5cm | Folded height: 48.2cm | Weight: 1.53kg | Leg sections: 3 | Maximum load: 8kg

Get some real height with this affordable aluminium tripod. Geekoto’s offering not only reaches almost 2m in maximum height, it also packs down to less than 50cm, making it an excellent choice for travelling light. Though it’s designed for DSLR and CSC setups, its maximum payload of 8kg means it’ll be able to handle hefty setups involving HDSLRs or camcorders, and as a nifty bonus, it can be easily disassembled using the central axis screw and converted into a monopod, adding a great deal of versatility to your shoots. There’s a tremendous amount of functionality here, and the tripod represents great value for money.

Material: Aluminium | Extended height: 160.5cm | Folded height: 29.5cm | Weight: 3.87kg | Leg sections: 3 | Maximum load: 7kg

With a 4-step counterbalance system, the Benro S7 kit allows the user to precisely set the correct level of counterbalance for the weight of their rig, while continuous pan drag adjustment makes it easy to set the level of tension required. Pan and tilt locks operate independently, and there are also two 3/8in threads for attaching extra accessories like external recorders or monitors. As with some of the other options here, the rubber feet can be swapped out for spikes, making the tripod dependably versatile.

Material: Aluminium | Extended height: 164.9cm | Folded height: 63.5cm | Weight: 2.5kg | Leg sections: 3 | Maximum load: 7kg

The central column of this versatile pro-video tripod features a built-in levelling ball and bubble spirit level, allowing users to quickly establish perfectly level shots every time. Its leg selectors can also be used to provide preset leg angles, allowing for quick deployment and setup. While crafted from aluminium rather than carbon fibre, it's nice and light too, and so useful for location shooting and those occasions when you need to be a little more mobile than usual.

Material: Carbon fibre | Extended height: 184cm | Folded height: 88.4cm | Weight: 5kg | Leg sections: 3 | Maximum load: 7.5kg

Sporting a counterbalancing system to ensure that rigs of different weights are correctly balanced, this setup is designed for professional users – and carries a price to match. Additional threads allow for attachment of monitors and recorders, the tripod offers a leg angle selector for precise adjustment, and its extended height is the greatest on this list. Also, the carbon fibre build means that all the extra functionality doesn’t come with a significant weight increase.

Material: Aluminium | Extended height: 171cm | Folded height: 84cm | Weight: 6.3kg | Leg sections: 3 | Maximum load: 12kg

The braced twin legs on this tripod provide impressive torsional rigidity, making for a thoroughly decent maximum capacity of 12kg, with stability bolstered by a ground-level spreader. A 75mm bowl attachment enables use of pro-level gear, while the incorporation of the 504HD head (also in the previous featured set) gives this setup a distinctly professional feel. Stylish and practical, this setup will suit small crews, or even single-person work.

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